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KCRW at South by Southwest

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Arrival in Austin – SXSW Has Begun! [Mar. 17th, 2009|11:54 am]
KCRW at South by Southwest
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On my flight to Austin, I spotted only a handful of people that looked like musicians - that’s what happens when you come in a day early. Over the next couple days a parade of musicians will be filing through from around the world on the way to Austin to strut their stuff. It’s 80 degrees and everyone here for the Interactive portion of the festival keeps telling me how lucky we are since it was sweater weather a day or so ago (I have a rebuttal, which is that musicians typically don’t smell better in extreme heat but I left it alone).

I saw my first band of the festival at The Onion party - not only were they really good, but they’re from Austin! Their name is Low Line Caller and the singer voice reminds me a lot of The Walkmen’s Hamilton Leithauser while the music is Band of Horses-style psychedelia - but with not as much reverb and a bit more dreamy/spacey. They were followed by a few stand up comics (this is The Onion after all) and another local act the Lemurs. By that time my travel day started catching up with me. Better get a good night’s sleep while I can …

- Rachel Reynolds